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  • Jason Yesser
    Oberlin, PA
    I met 920-CASH at just the right time. I called 920-CASH and within 2 weeks they bought my home and paid me a very fair price that I was more than happy with. I recommend this company to anyone who is seriously looking to sell their property fast!
  • Andrew Saft
    Harrisburg, PA
    I have been in the business of selling real estate in Central PA for decades. During that time I have worked on a large number of transactions with the principals of 920-CASH and I must say all of the deals went as planned. The principals behind 920-CASH are experienced professionals who can buy houses for cash quickly.
  • Kathryn Yordy
    Harrisburg, PA
    The Team at 920-CASH did for me what no one else could do. I owned a property in Harrisburg that I desperately wanted to sell. I listed my property with two separate real estate agents and neither one was able to sell it. I also contacted three so called “investors” and none of them could help me either. I had almost given up when I received a letter form 920-CASH telling me they wanted to buy my property. I was very skeptical but called than anyway. To make a long story short, 920-CASH was able to purchase my property for a price I was happy with, all within 2 weeks of me calling them. They even handled all of the paperwork and made the selling process simple and easy. I feel great about my experience with 920-CASH and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their property.
  • Jeff Fanese
    Columbia, PA
    920-CASH treated me with great service and were wonderful to deal with. They handled everything for us quickly and courteously. 920-CASH did what others could not do and they did it in record time.
  • Sherman Craighead Walker
    Harrisburg, PA
    I want to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts related to the purchase of my husband's home. Starting with our first conversation to the closing you have been the consummate professional - which my husband also concurs. Your prompt follow-ups, appointment consolidations and overall flexibility in each step of the process was exceptional. Your customer interface is to be commended and your style is approachable, likable and demonstrates sincerity and a desire to delight the seller. The process was painless, and seemed effortless on your part. Working with 920-CASH was delightful!! Overall, it was one of the best experiences we could have had selling this house which had strong sentimentality for my husband Thanks again and take care.
  • Jason S. Fanus
    Harrisburg, PA
    The entire process was easy. One phone call and Ryan took care of the rest! They are professional, kind and knowledgeable folks! They fully explained every step of the process. I recommend them to anyone that wishes to sell a home.
  • Cary Lloyd
    Harrisburg, PA
    I have been actively selling Real Estate since 1991. Part of my business is selling distressed properties. The principals at 920-CASH have been great buyers of mine for many years. They have a very good knowledge of property values, both as-is, and after repaired, as well as an enormous amount of integrity. Every property that I have sold them has resulted in success as far as I know. I give 920-CASH a strong recommendation based on their knowledge, integrity, and track record.
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